Panel Design 101 with FluoroFinder

One of the biggest challenges of multicolor flow cytometry is selecting the right combination of fluorophores and antibody conjugates that are compatible with your cytometer configuration and experimental biology. Advances in flow cytometry, including instrumentation, reagent availability, and the desire to test more parameters at once, increase complexity and the possibility of errors in the panel design process.

In the first of our webinar series, Kelly Lundsten from FluoroFinder walked us through the fundamentals of spectral and conventional flow cytometry panel design. Kelly also introduced FluoroFinder’s new automated panel design tool, IntelliPanel, which can help you overcome these challenges and expedite the panel design process.

Kelly Lundsten is a subject matter expert in fluorescence chemistry and its application to predominantly microscopy and flow cytometry. She’s been in the field for 25 years working with Molecular Probes, Invitrogen, Biolegend, Thermo Fisher and now FluoroFinder. Kelly is always teaching, and is currently working with FluoroFinder to develop tools that help researchers plan experiments end to end. She helped design the content of the new IntelliPanel automatic panel suggestion tool and is setting her sights on tools that will help us wade through the biological context of our research applications.

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