Spectral Cytometry Reference Controls

The Search for the Perfect Particle

One of the challenges of high dimensional spectral flow cytometry experiments is finding reference controls resulting in no unmixing errors.   In this poster presented at the Australasian Cytometry Society meeting 2023, our director Kathryn Friend collaborates with Simon Monard from WEHI and Geza Paukovics from FlowLogic Software to test a number of spectral cytometry reference controls against the Gold Standard cells. 

We also introduced a 5th condition for reference controls: 

“Particles should not alter the spectral characteristics of the dye.”

SpectraComp® particles satisfy all 5 conditions of the rules of compensation/unmixing as a better overall cellular mimic, therefore using these particles will ultimately improve the quality of your data.

ACS Poster Kathryn Simon Geza 3010  Download the PDF here.

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