Simplifying Flow Analysis

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Quicker, simpler, more streamlined analysis tools and algorithms to help unravel your data.

FlowLogic is a user needs driven software and we’re always looking to improve-further develop the product. If you have any ideas relating to cytometry data analysis, issues or wish to collaborate in testing, development and implementation, contact us via Chameleon Science.

Auto Compensation

Auto-compensation algorithms for conventional or spectral cytometry

Auto Titration

Auto-titration algorithms – one click and watch from auto-gating to auto-graphing and auto-reporting


Gating, Graphing and Reporting

Bead Analysis

Clustering and Phenotyping

All-in-one data package

Data analysis, statistical reporting and significance testing and graphing.

Document Report Generation

Document report generation via GateLogic, GraphLogic and DotLogic.

Flexible across all platforms

Multi-computer compatible (PC, Mac, Linux) for data generated across a myriad of cytometry platforms.

New and exciting updates with flowlogic 8.7