Fluent Biosciences Intro to PIPseq™

Fluent’s breakthrough Particle-templated Instant Partitions (PIPseq™) technology enables near-instantaneous self-assembly of individual cells or molecules into millions of uniform partitions without the need for complex instrumentation or expensive consumables. The PIPseq™ assay kit is a 3’ single-cell mRNA sequencing kit that accommodates a wide range of sample types and can easily scale from inputs of hundreds to hundreds of thousands of cells and beyond. PIPseq™ provides significant improvements in cost, scalability, and experimental flexibility over competitive commercial scRNA-seq platforms.

Spectral Cytometry Reference Controls

The Search for the Perfect Particle One of the challenges of high dimensional spectral flow cytometry experiments is finding reference controls resulting in no unmixing errors.   In this poster presented at the Australasian Cytometry Society meeting 2023, our director Kathryn Friend collaborates with Simon Monard from WEHI and Geza Paukovics from FlowLogic Software to test …

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Panel Design 101 with FluoroFinder

In the first of our webinar series, Kelly Lundsten from FluoroFinder walked us through the fundamentals of spectral and conventional flow cytometry panel design. Kelly also introduced FluoroFinder’s new automated panel design tool, IntelliPanel, which can help you overcome these challenges and expedite the panel design process.