The Next Generation in Sample Prep technology is Here!

One BioMed’s Xceler8™ Platform for automated nucleic acid extraction

The newly launched Xceler8 Platform with its proprietary chemistry and integrated cartridge architecture rapidly automates the extraction of high-quality DNA/RNA from a myriad of sample types.  This patented technology revolutionises decades-old sample preparation workflows and simplified automated extraction steps to a push-of-a-button.

The Xceler8 Platform

X8 OneTouch Instrument

A compact benchtop system driven by a simple touchscreen tablet that can process eight samples in as little as 30 minutes

Ready-to-use  X8 Cartridge Kits

Pre-filled cartridges with all necessary reagents to perform nucleic acid extraction for up to 24 samples

Novel 4-Step Chemistry

Unlike conventional spin-column or magnetic-bead based methods, One Biomed’s novel chemistry-based extraction technology uses a reversible cross-linker to selectively bind & cluster DNA/RNA from the samples onto the surface of the cartridge.  Once impurities are washed away & sealed in the built-in waste reservior, the purified DNA/RNA is released and eluted using an elution buffer.  The purified nucleic acid is now suitable for various downstream applications.

Xceler8 Advantages

  • Plug-and-play instrument with minimal maintenance

  • Compact Footprint & Low Noise

  • No Sample Batching

  • Flexible to run various protocols simultaneously

  • Ready-to-use Catridge Kits

  • Simple cleaning to minimise cross-contamination